Psychotherapy with Adolescents
By Richard A. Gardner, M.D.



  1. Introduction
  2. Selected Developmental Considerations Relevant to Adolescent Treament: p.1
  3. Common Situations Conducive to the Development of Psychopathology in Adolescents: p.91
  4. The Initial Diagnostic Evaluation: p.205
  5. The Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation: p.249
  6. Central Elements in the Development of Psychogenic Symptoms
    and Primary Factors in the Psychotherapeutic Process: p.353
  7. The Therapist-Patient Relationship and the Psychotherapeutic Process: p.395
  8. Confidentiality: p.437
  9. Individual Treatment: p.451
  10. The Talking, Feeling and Doing Game: p.501
  11. Psychoanalytical Inquiry and Dream Psychoanalysis: p.533
  12. Group Therapy: p.583
  13. Work with Parents: p.611
  14. Special Considerations for the Treatment of Antisocial Behavior: p.645
  15. Depression, Suicide, Medication, and Hospitalization: p.709
  16. Concluding Comments and a Look at the Future: p.745
  17. Appendix I: p.771
  18. Appendix II: p.772
  19. Appendix III: p.785
  20. References: p.787
  21. Index: p.795