The Boys and Girls Book About Stepfamilies
By Richard A. Gardner, M.D.



Acknowledgements p.X

  1. Introduction for Parents and Stepparents: p.1
  2. Introduction for Boys and Girls: p.12
  3. What Is a Stepfamily? p.18
  4. When a Parent Lives with an Unmarried Partner: p.28
  5. When Your Parent Marries Again: p.40
  6. The Important Subject of Names: p.55
  7. Some Things You Should Know About Feelings in Stepfamilies: p.65
  8. How to Get Along Better with Your Stepparent: p.100
  9. How to Get Along Better with Your Stepsiblings and Half Siblings: p.124
  10. Adoption by a Stepparent: p.159
  11. If You Need More Help: p.168
  12. Some Impotant Things to Remember: p.176


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