Dr. Gardner's Stories About The Real World, Vol. I

Reality-Oriented Children's Stories with Important Therapeutic Themes


  • Themes include: Changing behavior by accepting discipline for misbehavior
  • Learning to be happy with substitutes for something you can't have
  • Learning how to stand up to bullies
  • Learning not to be afraid of trying

Therapists and parents are well aware that children do not readily accept advice given by direct confrontation. Traditionally, they are much more receptive to learning through the storytelling medium where they need not suffer the embarrassment and anxiety that comes from confronting their own foibles and deficiencies. In addition, the well-told story motivates the child to listen to its messages and enhances interest and comprehension.

In these stories Dr. Richard A. Gardner, long experienced in utilizing the storytelling medium to impart therapeutic communications, has created a series of reality-oriented children's stories designed to convey useful information on a variety of conflict issues usually encountered by almost every child in the normal course of development. There is the story of Oliver, the boy who didn't want to hear how poorly he was doing in school and how mean he was with his friends. There is Eric who thought he could get away with anything-as long as he said he was sorry. Helen was too afraid to try, even though she missed all the fun by sitting on the sidelines. Jerry didn't want to fight, but the boys kept picking on him. And Larry got caught in the biggest lie of his life. The stories are written for all children, whether or not they are or have ever been in therapy. They deal with problems that every child must face in the course of growing up. And they teach children realistic ways of handling these problems. However, the unpleasant and discomforting is made palatable and even exciting by the attractiveness of the plots and the heartwarming ways in which the stories are told. Engaging illustrations by Al Lowenheim enhance even further the child's interest.

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