The History of

Originally developed in 1960, What's That On My Head is a throwback to the days
when batteries weren't required but plenty of smarts were. After going out of
print more than 30 years ago, What's That On My Head continued to be played
by a core following of die-hard players. Considered way too hard for the average
consumer, it survived over the next 3 decades as a fun but very challenging way
for those who worked with their minds to keep their reasoning skills sharp as a
tack. This new and expanded version can now be played by everyone, even
children as young as 6 or 7.

Linked below is the history of how this much loved game came to be reborn,
in a new form that all ages and abilities could play.

The reminiscences of Robert Abbott, progenitor of the game.

The reminiscences of Richard A. Gardner, M.D., who refined and made the
game once again available.