Dorothy and The Lizard of Oz

What Happened to Dorothy and Her Friends After They Lived Happily Ever After?


  • Learning realistic ways to gain real courage, knowledge, and affection
  • Recognizing false from real love
  • Learning value of work to achieve goals
  • Gaining true pride from real accomplishments

In this book Dr. Gardner modifies The Wizard of Oz - the twentieth century's classic fairy tale.

One of the reasons why The Wizard of Oz is so universally appealing is that Dorothy and her three friends - the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion - all obtain quick solutions for their problems. The Scarecrow acquires brains by being awarded a diploma; the Tin Woodman gets a heart, albeit a ticking clock; and the Cowardly Lion gains courage by being given a medal for bravery. Dorothy's wish to return to Kansas is gratified by a clicking of the heels of her magic shoes. The appeal of these resolutions lies, in part, in their simplicity. All wishes are granted by the Wizard of Oz, whose solutions the foursome trust, although they recognize him as a humbug. The story, like all fairy tales, ends with everyone presumably living happily ever after.

The same four characters in this rendition have no such luck. In Dr. Gardner's modification - which is, strictly speaking, a sequel - each finds that his (her) problems have just begun. No one wants to hire the Scarecrow, his diploma notwithstanding. The Tin Woodman still cannot love or be loved, no matter how much he displays his ticking clock heart. The Cowardly Lion still finds that his fears have not been overcome, even with his medal. And Dorothy, although back in Kansas, still finds that the problem that caused her to flee Kansas in the first place - the conflict with Miss Gulch who has a sheriff's order to seize her dog Toto - is still no closer to being solved than it was prior to her departure. It is with the help of the Lizard of Oz - a wizard who was transformed into a lizard because people were dissatisfied with his complex solutions to their problems - that the foursome find more realistic and gratifying solutions to their troubles.

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